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Our Farm

Organic Farm - Sourcing

Our Organic Farm

 1. The farm is located : Di Linh plateau, Lang Biang plateau of Lam Dong, Chu Se, Dak Doa... of Gia Lai, then to the Basalt red soil of Buon Ma Thuot. which imparts a signature taste profile unlike any other region in the World. 

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 2. Its elevation is perfect for coffee, which best grows between 900 and 1,800 meters (2,950 to 5,900 feet).   Our farm has been creating biodiversity to create highest quality green coffee bean, such as the impact of  elements needed to make coffee trees growth and thrive on an organic basis.

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 3. It's coffee that was grown and processed without the use of most synthetic chemicals. This coffee comes from a farm that prioritizes sustainability, renewable resources and preserving the quality of the land, groundwater, and air..



4.  In addition,  the harvesting process (the rate of ripe is over 95%), using wet , dry , and especially Honey processing, Preserving the green coffee beans  to ensure quality always frech


  5. We always adhere to the 4C, UTZ .., which is a better crop development program, generating more income for farmers and creating better opportunities for protection environmental and Earth's natural resources.  

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 6. In addition to tracking the production of coffee, customers can also learn about the origin, roasting location and coffee flavor of bagged coffee. For BACHCOFFEE, the cooperation with coffee farmers has also been smooth. In 2019 alone, BACHCOFFEE has carried out relevant cooperation with more than 20 coffee farms.

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