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We love coffee !

 We love coffee. We believe everyone will love coffee when they first drink it. We have been in the industry for years with sound experience. Our company is based in Vietnam and is known as the world’s second-largest coffee producer. And, it is certain that we can supply the most common types of coffee beans from Vietnam.

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Aiming to become a Vietnam-leading coffee wholesaler, we have strived to supply the best-selected coffee beans to global coffee buyers at a competitive price. Not only that, we are a one–among–not many coffee supplier in Vietnam who can offer all–in–one solution for coffee thanks to our focus on coffee. We are able to meet customers’ various demands from green coffee beans to roasted coffee beans, ground coffee powder of different grinding sizes, instant coffees instant coffee mixes special and MOST SPECIAL DECAF COFFEE, AND WHITE COFFEE. Among them, the business of supplying green coffee beans is one of our cutting–edge activities, which helps us to stay competitive.